DEPOVOR Strapless Adhesive Push Up Bras for Women Backless Invisible Sticky Lift Up Bra Dark Nude


  • Extremely Strong Adhesive:The inner coating of our strapless bra is bio-gel with excellent quality, high-strength viscosity and no tearing of skin. While protecting your delicate chest to the greatest extent, unlike the many other that start coming off if u even sweet a bit.
  • Light Weight&Skin-friendly Softness:The weight of each adhesive bra is extremely light, and it seems as if you have no feeling when you put it on. Silk fabric is soft and delicate, skin-friendly and breathable, and it is not easy to sweat.
  • Excellent Lifting Effect:Our stick on bra can provided a decent amount of coverage and very good adhesive so it’s not going anywhere. Wear a bra according to the instructions, our bra will create an amazing and attractive deep V curve for you and highlight your graceful figure, and make you more confident and full of feminine charm.
  • Suitable For Any Occasion:The invisible bra not only gets rid of the shackles of traditional bra straps and buckles, but also has the functions of a traditional bra. You can wear it on various occasions. For example, WEDDING DRESSES, EVENING DRESSES, STRAPLESS DRESSES, BACKLESS DRESSSES, DEEP V DRESSES, LOW-NECKED DRESSES, even EVERYDAY WEAR and so on.
  • Cleanable & Reusable:Our sticky bra can be used many times. After you wear it, rinse it with clean water, gently rub it with mild detergent, then rinse off the foam and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. So you can continue to wear it next time. Keeping away from the high temperature environment can keep the viscosity of the gel longer.
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DEPOVOR Strapless Adhesive Push Up Bras for Women Backless Invisible Sticky Lift Up Bra light Nude

push up bra



Lift Up Bra

Effectively improve the chest shape, stop sagging, and make the chest full and straight.

Invisible Bra

One-piece cut design, the edge is extremely thin, no trace, and the edge trace will not be exposed when wearing.

Gathering Bra

Put on the buckle, and the gathering effect will appear, creating a charming deep V curve.

breathable bra

durable buckle

invisible bra

Breathable fabric

Use breathable and soft fabrics, which are soft and comfortable to the touch and skin-friendly.

Durable buckle

The selected buckle material is strong and durable, and it is not easy to be worn out after repeated use.

Stereo cup shape

Three-dimensional ring cup, supported and gathered, fits the chest better, and is not easy to fall off.



  • A cup 32/70A 34/75A
  • B cup 32/70B 34/75B 36/80A 38/85A
  • C cup 32/70C 34/70C 36/80B 38/85B
  • D cup 32/70D 34/70D 36/80C(D) 38/85C(D)

backless bra

lift up

sticky bra

stick on bra

Low neck clothes

Strapless dress

Backless dress

Wedding dress


A, B, C, D