Ultra-Thin Nipple Cover 2 Pairs, Reusable Adhesive Silicone Sticky Bras for Women Breasts Lift (Fits A-C Cup) Off White


  • Good material & Stickiness: Each package has TWO pairs of invisible bras. Our adhesive bras nipple covers are made of high-quality silica gel, all made of silica gel. Soft and silky to the touch, no adhesive stimulation, no tearing feeling when using. The design with thick middle and thin edges can better fit the chest shape. The viscosity is extremely stable, and it will not curl or slide down easily.
  • Light weighting & Skin-friendly: This breast lift bra is extremely light in weight, and it can be worn without restraint, freeing your chest pressure. Soft and elastic texture, delicate and silky touch. It can reduce friction and protect your delicate skin
  • Invisible & Fits the Chest: Three-dimensional design, perfectly fitting the curve of the chest, and the thickness at the edge is equivalent to the thickness of a piece of A4 paper. It can be truly invisible and seamless, which can not only shape the chest shape, but also protect bumps.
  • Suitable for all occations: The stick on bra are suitable for various occasions, such as WEDDING DRESSES, EVENING DRESSES, DEEP V CLOTHES , BACKLESS CLOTHES, LOW-CUT CLOTHES and DAILY WEAR. It can also be carried during TRAVEL and VACATIONG, and its small size does not occupy a place.
  • Easy to clean & reusable: After each wear, please use warm water and a little neutral detergent to clean the silicone bra, gently rub it with your fingers, rinse off the foam with water, then dry it naturally, and stick the plastic film back to the sticky side for storage for the next use.
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adhesive bra




Lightweight & Portable

Very light weight, no feeling of falling when wearing, no burden on the chest, no space, and easy to carry.

Ultra-thin & Seamless

The edge is extremely thin, can fit the chest well, does not expose the shape of the breast patch, and protects the privacy of women.

Invisible & Skin-friendly

The color is close to the skin color, and there will be no obvious color when wearing clothes, so as to avoid embarrassment, and the texture is soft, comfortable and skin-friendly.


Wearing Method

  1. Clean the dust and sweat on the chest, keep the hands dry and clean, and remove the cream patch.
  2. Turn the skin-friendly side up and arch it.
  3. Lean forward and stick to the breast.
  4. Press the edge, fit the chest, and heat it with your hands for 10 seconds.


Cleaning & Preservation Method

  1. DO NOT clean the surface with brushes, towels or paper towels.
  2. DO NOT stick it on a film like plastic wrap, which will easily deform the product when torn off.
  3. DO NOT discard the plastic sheets. After use, stick the plastic film back to the breast paste to keep it sticky.